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Many team members (students and teachers/mentors) at the 2010 VEX World Championship asked us to thank the volunteers for them, telling us that many volunteers had been really friendly, helpful and encouraging in addition to the all the hours and hard work they were putting in. As much as volunteers might appreciate the “thank you” from us each year, I know that hearing directly from the teams and students would mean much more - which is what I’ve created this thread for. We have the most amazing partners and volunteers in the world, and none of what happened this past season would have been possible without them.

So for anyone who had any thoughts, comments or thanks they wanted to share with volunteers from this season - at the VEX World Championship and all the events held around the world - feel free to do so here.

I took the time to thank everyone I could while I was at the event. It ran great and that is in large part to the volunteers. I helped put on a Lego League event with only 40 teams, and we had tons of volunteers to pull it off. How many volunteers were there at Dallas? I would especially like to thank the people at the Technology field. They were super nice and kept everything on time. Again great job to everyone involved with VWC it was awesome!

I was in the College competition team aMEss the volunteers there were awesome! We always had a good time when competing on the college fields…

We run competitions (scrimmages) monthly in New Zealand and without our volunteers we wouldn’t exist. Our biggest competition is 50 teams so i can only imagine the man power that was needed for the Worlds!

So from me and the rest of the guys/gals in New Zealand, THANK YOU VOLUNTEERS for making the event the success that it was! Your all awesome…

yeah, thanks helpers and volunteers! you really made the event possible! It was awesome that you kept coming around, making sure that robots arrived in time for their matches… :cool:
Richard Paul
Team 2921 “Free Range Robotics”

Thanks volunteers,

The worlds would have been no where near as great withput your help:)

Thanks to everybody who helped make this such a wonderful event!

A special thanks to all the volunteer judges as well. They did a great job and were very thorough, and they were really interested in all the robots they judged.

The event was even better than last year!

Everyone one involved in making this past VEX World Championship is to be congratulated, especially the volunteers. Having been involved with education for 28 years and taking students to hundreds of events/competitions for most of those years–it is fantastic to be involved in what is developing into THE premier engineering competition for students worldwide.

Thank you,

Matt Conroy
Palm Bay High School
Melbourne Florida
PiraTech VEX Robotics Teams 508, 508Pand 508B

VEX Team Web site

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To all the volunteers who worked in Dallas- You all deserve a HUGE “Thank You”! I have run or helped run a fair number of medium and large events, and the thought of 400 teams in one event is just mind boggling! I am sure there were problems, but from the team perspective, the event appeared to run very well. That is due to all the volunteers who kept the event moving, and quickly addressed potential problems before they could become issues that the teams noticed. Thank you to you all!

Dave Franc
Teams 24A, 24B and 24C

There were over 355 different people that were involved as volunteers at the event.

Awesome Job. None of this is possible without the volunteers. The teams from New Zealand recognize and appresiate everything the volunteers did for them. You guys rock.

Johan (AMESS)

STEMRobotics partners with different groups to run three different events every year in the Philadelphia area. It takes about 30-35 people to run each event. It’s an effort to get that many organized. My thanks to the people that help us out.

My thanks and congrats to the VEX team for getting almost 10 times that many people together to make the World Championship event happen. This is a good example of project management skills in action to keep that much personnel and materials in flow. (Or maybe its Texas cattle prods in action)

My thanks to the people that did all the work. My two teams, 80 and 81 raved about the event, the play, the competitors, the after party and the Mythbuster. Thanks for making a lifetime memory for them.

Mahalo (thank you very much) from Team 394 to all the volunteers involved with the World Championship. Your graciousness, helpfulness, and smiles truly made Texas the second Aloha state. Special thanks to the young men who ran the practice pits despite having to deal with teams under duress & having language barriers. You carried yourselves in a very professional manner. Hope we get invited again so that we can meet again. Mahalo and Aloha.

Joan Okai
Team 394
Highlands Intermediate Robotics Team
Pearl City, Hawaii

I would also like to thank everyone who helped make not only World’s possible, but all the other competitions during the season…

I have helped with quite a few different conventions and conferences, so I know what it takes to put something on of this level… All the competitions I went too or heard of this season were all well-run, and VEX made sure they all had everything they needed… I personally helped with one of them, and I was impressed with the high quality of competition software and hardware that VEX has put together…

On behalf of my entire team (177), and I am sure everyone, I would like to put up a big thank you to all the volunteers at the competitions and those that weren’t at the competitions. You’re work has made it possible for thousands of kids world-wide to get a chance to advance their education and make this world a better place for all of us…

New Zealand salutes all of the volunteers that worked so hard to make the World Championships a perfect event. You guys and gals worked so hard to make everything perfect for the competitors and supporters.

We have to say that our own home grown Chloe rocks! Her energy made Engineering the place to be!

Thanks to everyone for a way above world class event.