Volunteering at worlds

My competition season ended this last weekend as the three teams I coach were unsuccessful in their final attempt at qualifying for worlds. They all did really well, but lost (again) in the finals.

So I’m looking for a suitable volunteer position at worlds and am hoping to find something that is more of a tech support role perhaps helping teams who have connectivity or other problems. I will be signing up through the volunteer website but if anyone reading this is looking for engineering help let me know.

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Aww… I’m sorry that your team did not make it :frowning:

I do hope that you can find a technical volunteering position at worlds, though! You should consider talking to Cheryl Rausch (I think she coordinates the volunteers at Worlds): cheryl_rausch@roboticseducation.org

(edit: She’s listed on the world’s volunteer page: http://robotevents.com/volunteer/)

Just saw this post (behind on forum stuff)…
Shoot me an email jvn@vexrobotics.com


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