Will the deal of your team provides a volunteer for inspection and then your team gets into the fast line for inspection that happened at 2016 Worlds happen again this year?

Avery Hoffmann,
Thanks for posting this question here! This year “Skip the Line” Inspection passes will be given to teams who provide one or more volunteers for VEX Worlds. The volunteer must be signed up for helping one day or longer in any qualified volunteer role. Passes will be given directly to the volunteer (not to the team) when the volunteer checks in at Volunteer Registration so that we may verify their role in Shiftboard, our Volunteer Registration System.

PLEASE REGISTER VOLUNTEERS IN ADVANCE to ensure your team will get an inspection pass. Once volunteer roles are filled, no additional passes will be distributed.

To qualify for this pass, please have your volunteer(s) follow these easy steps:

  1. To register as a volunteer in our Shiftboard system, go to: http://www.roboticseducation.org/volunteers/vex-worlds-volunteers/
  2. Select “Register ONE Volunteer” if you are an individual volunteer.
  3. On the registration form, there is a place to write in the VEX team number and school name - the team number MUST be attached to the volunteer record in order to qualify for the inspection pass. Please note that if you have two teams from the same school (team 123A and team 123B) you must provide TWO volunteers in order for each team to get an inspection pass (one volunteer writes in team 123A on their form, while the second volunteer writes in 123B).
  4. Once your registration form is submitted to Shiftboard, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to confirm your account.
  5. Volunteer shifts will be available shortly. All registered volunteers in Shiftboard will receive an email when shifts are available for self-scheduling.
  6. Once you are notified that shifts are available, you can register for the following:
    Qualified volunteer roles are as follows:
    A. Volunteering as an Inspector on Wednesday, April 19 from 12pm-7:30pm for VRC; or Sunday, April 23 from 12pm-7:30pm for VIQC.
    B. Volunteering in ANY role as long as it is for ONE ENTIRE DAY or more

If you have any questions, please contact our VEX Worlds Volunteer Care Team at volunteer@roboticseducation.org