Vortex Cast: Episode 2

Hey guys!

Tomorrow (March 23rd) at 8 PM EST, Vortex Alliance is proud to bring the second episode of our live webcast, the Vortex Cast. We have some solid guests that will be discussing topics such as the best shooter, optimal lifts and if they are viable, autonomous strategy, Signature Events and the US Open, as well as conclude by watching match videos such as the Indiana state finals and Utah state footage.

The Vortex members on the cast will be:

-Nolan, EKSDE1
-Zach, 929U
-Roger, 1008M
-Will, 1008M
-Brian, 9605A
-Jess, 21S

With Micah from 574C as a special guest for the episode!

The cast can be viewed at https://www.twitch.tv/vortexcast and will be live starting at 7:45 PM EST.

We hope to see you all tomorrow!