Vortex Cast


Greetings Forum!

Vortex Alliance is proud to present our first ever live webcast on January 1st at 8pm EST! We have an array of representatives from some of the top teams in the world to discuss what we feel are the most important aspects of Turning Point.

Representing Vortex on Tuesday will be:

  • Zach | 929U
  • Roger | 1008M
  • Will | 1008M
  • Yuanyang | 1727G
  • Qaiz | Ex-5225A
  • Nolan | EKSDE1
  • Brian | 9605A

With Manas | 2150A as a special guest!

The cast will be available on Twitch at this link: Vortex Cast

Here is a link to a Google Sheets where you can put questions, topics, or videos that you want us to discuss:
Topic/Question Request Sheet

We hope you can join us on Tuesday!

Can’t edit the sheet without much pain and hassle. Would someone please add the topic of multi-functional descorong arms? As in: what else could they do?

Also: I assume the cap vs. flag debate will be on the schedule. What would you think about the top flag bots wanting a robot that can do caps and the accompanying demand surpassing the current supply? I think that Connor from TVA has made a very strong cap bot that can easily easily and firmly the speed of any descorer.

Vortex joins the battle

Sounds awesome! We’ve got multiple division champs, a world champ, and the third best coder in the world!

Hope to see everyone there tomorrow at 8 EST! We will be answering questions from chat and going over a lot of interesting topics that haven’t been discussed yet, as well as watching matches that have not been released to the public from teams such as 1008M and 2150A

Will the stream be archived?

@Hagan_60883A Yes

Interesting… Will be fun watching :slight_smile:

Vortex Cast will be live in 30 minutes!
I will send the link 10 minutes prior to going live, so 7:50 EST.

Vortex Cast is Live!

We will begin in 10 minutes. Here is the link: Vortex Cast