Voyager IV Reveal

As promised here is our mid-season reveal, sorry for the shoddy quality and brevity, the robot is no longer in one piece. Ask any questions you have and we will try our best to get to them!

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Why did you choose to put elastics over the top of your linkage, rather than between the stages like most people do? What sort of code are you using for your autonomous routines?

Having the elastics on top allows the elastics to have more leverage on the arm. With this design having elastics between the four bar linkages would not have been efficient.
Also we are using robot C for the autonomous, funny story with that, if you’ve seen my other posts we actually had a major issue with the original file on easy C. It wasn’t as good as we wanted it to be at competition as a result so we ended up just using timing. It ended up working pretty nicely though. We’re making the switch to PROs for states.