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The share button was changed so that the code now wouls fit in only a single PDF page which makes long code impossible to read even if you zoom in. IS there a way to fix this??

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Unfortunately there is no real solution for that right now. While working on the new share system, we needed to reduce the size of the generated PDF. one of the ways that we did that was to limit the dimensions of the generated image. While working on this, we did not think about the case of extra long block stacks. We will evaluate our limits and see how we can improve this. Since a large number of our users are running VEXcode VR on devices with limited RAM, there will be a limit to how large we can make those images.

One way to work around this issue right now would be to use My Blocks to split the code into functional units. This can also have the added benefit of making it easier to see what a given section of code is for.

If you don’t mind sending me your project file, I would like to see how large some of our user’s projects are getting.


I am a teacher who is currently using VR Code for one of my coding classes, so disclaimer, this isn’t the most efficient code that’s why is long, this lesson is on how to use a distance sensor, next class we start using myblocks to make it more efficient. Students use Share button, So I can grade the code.
I guess since I am new here this being my second post I aren’t allowed to upload files yet. So best I can do is post link to my google drive
google drive files


Thanks for sharing. I can see what you mean about being hard/impossible to read. We will see what we can do for a future release to make this better, but it may take a while to get the settings right to work for as many cases and devices as possible.

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I definitely understand, and I appreciate the changes you guys made, My students use chrome books and yes low resources retimes made them difficult to share a large PDF.
It is always tough to come up with a solution that is correct for everyone in different situations.

I will just find a different way to have the kids show me the code, I am adjusting already. and will continue to look for ways to make code more efficient

You can also use the new share features with Enhanced/Premium to have students send projects to your Google Drive directly from within VEXcode: