vr.VEX "Range Error: Maximum call stack size exceeded

Two of my students cannot get their robot to move in vr.vex text. There doesn’t appear to be any error. They present their code to me in Google Meet so I told them to see if it works when they are not on Meet. No results. Can’t find any error. Told them to delete their code and just have the first line be “drivetrain.drive_for…”. Robot and clock do not move. Told them to quit out of vr.vex and try to open new text and just run the template. Still no movement. One student got the Range Error: but I can’t find anything wrong. We meet virtually. How can I get their codes to run? Thanks.

As with all programming questions, our ability to help will be very limited unless we can see the code in question.


Sorry I don’t have the student’s code but like I said even the template for “New Text Project” doesn’t run on the playground for these 2 kids. Here is the template

# ------------------------------------------
# 	Project:      VEXcode Project
#	Author:       VEX
#	Created:
#	Description:  VEXcode VR Python Project
# ------------------------------------------

# Library imports
from vexcode import *

# Add project code in "main"
def main():
    drivetrain.drive_for(FORWARD, 200, MM)

# VR threads — Do not delete

At first I thought it was the lag on their computers (one is a chromebook) due to Google Meet. That’s why I told them to log out of Meet and try it. Did a Google search and found out it had something to do with a recursive function but I couldn’t see anything added in the wrong place. That’s why I told them to just run the template since that way they wouldn’t be adding anything. But the robot and clock in the playground do not even move when they run the template. Had them restart vr.VEX to no avail.