VRBLOCKS into VEXcode V5 Blocks?

I’m very impressed with VEXcode VR and would love to more seamlessly include it next school year when school is no longer virtual :wink: :crossed_fingers:

Is there any possibility of .VRBLOCKS files being convert-able into VEXcode V5 Blocks? It would be great to have a physical representation of the virtual robot.

It has been posted several times, No. Separate products.

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Although there is no plan for VEX VR to be integrated with VEXcode, Robot Mesh Studio is an option. It supports a mimic, has several languages to choose from, and has a Classroom Management feature; plus, the code can be downloaded to a real robot. :blush:


I’m sorry I missed it. I did some looking around before posting.

The file formats are similar. It might be possible to hack something together. If only I had lots of time stuck at home with nothing to do…