VRC 2011-2012 - Any predictions?

I’m starting this thread to create a place to guess what next year’s VRC game will be.

My predictions:
The ladder will be reincarnated as a pyramid of sorts
The primary game piece will be pyramids as well
and the game could be called Pyramid Power
the goals could be pyramids with depressions in the top which would require robots to extent up and forward in order to score?

What are your ideas?


I’m willing to guess that the game will involve lifting something into/over something else.

Vex has had small balls (Bridge Battle), small cubes (Elevation), more balls and a football (Clean Sweep) and a torus (Round Up). Also, considering FTC played a cylinder game this year, I think it’s safe to say that the game object next year likely won’t be a cube, torus, football or cylinder.

I want to see the Tetra come to the scene or a game involving magnets.

Otherwise I’d say we could be looking at a collection game, a cooperation game or just maybe were looking at the infamous water game. :slight_smile:

But honestly, it’s not worth thinking about.


It should be something that we will never be able to guess. Focus on this years game, on Friday at worlds we will see.

@smartkid Magnets would be awesome, but that would make the game too expensive. In addition, magnets and electronics don’t mix(except in hard drives).

@Clean Sweep Man I agree that we shouldn’t be able to guess the game because that means that the Game Design Committee isn’t doing a good job, but All I wanted to do was create a thread where people who’s robots are already build and prepared for worlds could speculate for next year.

there will probably be something involving lifting fith this new winch a pulley kit that they have just released. also i feel that they will probably go with an iregular object that we have to pick up to score, making it much more difficult.

I have yet to see a game involving frisbee-like disks. I’ve only been saying that for about 3 years tho. eventually maybe I’ll be right :slight_smile:

is the game created yet?
is there a section where we can “suggest” stuff?
(or is this it?)
i have a few reasons on why i think round up is the BEST game ever and i would rather not publish the reasons because worlds is still over a month away
stay tuned a week before worlds though :slight_smile:
but sadly the game would have already been created

my thoughts on this topic has to do with regions. im sort of hoping you move weights of different shapes (maybe re-use old vex props?) onto specific heightened platforms and of course a kind of twist mechanism that can change the game.

Yes, the game has already been all decided from my understanding. They start on it very early and finish pretty early as well.


There is a real-world lesson here. To announce the game at World Championship in April and allow you to order the new game welcome kits right away, the components have to be designed, prototyped, tested, and ordered from manufacturing months ahead of time. To allow all THAT to happen, the game itself has to be completed even earlier, which in this case was last summer.

If you have ideas for a great game, you first should have entered the Online Challenge Design a Game Animation Challenge, and second, should be making suggestions for 2013, not 2012.

Do the Design-A-Game Animation entries bear any weight on the actual VRC game?

I could see them as a interesting inspiration pool, but by locking the playing elements this year you have squashed a fair amount of the creativity involved with that process.

Or is this a hint that 2013 will be packing one of these?