VRC 2021 - 2022 Pre-Order Kits

On the vex website there are 3 different packages, the VRC Full Field and Game Elements Kit for 500$, the VRC Game Elements Kit, and the VRC Field Elements Kits.

Which ones are required to buy just for the Game Elements and not the field itself?

It says that " Field Element Kits for the 2021-2022 VRC Game. 1 of each Kit required per field. " which is $489. Im not sure if thats correct or not because including the Game Elements kit its $540?

The field perimeter and tiles are never included in the game packages.

Full field and game element kit is what you want if you have tiles and field perimeter and what to be be able to practice or host events with whole field.

Game elements are typically objects manipulated by the bots, and typically sold in pairs.

Field elements are everything attached to fields, like goals.


VRC 2021-2022 Full Field & Game Element Kit is everything you need, assuming you already have the field perimeter and tile set. It is composed of 3 sub-kits:


if you are hosting events, you will want:

  • Sizing tool for inspection
  • Field control electronics for running 2v2 matches from laptop or rPis (laptops/rPis are not included)
  • yet to be released V5 Skill Control Brain (you can download software to do this today) so you do not need full field electronic and TM control to run skills (let team push run, and then enter skills scores through web browser to tournament manager running the event… wicked cool use of those V5 Brains that are no longer suitable for competition - fixed USB port, multiple fried smart ports, V5 Beta Brains :slight_smile: )

Encourage to support local EPs by volunteering to set up and tear down event fields in exchange to borrow field perimeters and tiles between competitions)… Trust me, lots of EPs who wonder why run events with so much weight to stow away. Typically, I have four perimeters and tiles and as many game sets in storage…


Interesting that field elements broken into two groups (you probably need both) and only one Game Element - meaning a full field of objects… but the price point $49 for the Game element does not make sense…

they just keep us guessing :slight_smile:

Maybe Game Element kit is $50 worth of Water… just saying.