VRC 66 - Mid-Season Reveal - Har-Ber Robotics

Hey guys! Im back with another reveal video. We have made so many changes in order to come up with the best possible robot we can create. I hope you guys enjoy!

Please leave feedback on what you guys think! :smiley:

Great robot!
Just wondering, but does it have a lift/are you planning on making a lift?

I’m sure that they could have designed an intake for their puncher if they wanted to. The flywheel is obviously for feilding because of the fact that it can change the shooting distance. The puncher is for dcls so their isn’t much point for an intake. Many teams use this strategy, such as the 2 teams and 323Z.

The video didn’t really show it, what are you using for your flywheel hood? At what angle? Also, what’s the gearing?

Punchers tend to be more accurate full-field, in my experience, whereas flywheels can have a higher rate of fire from the field. This transmission doesn’t appear to have any more mechanical inefficiency than a normal gearing, but correct me if I’m wrong.

Ok, in my experience, but it would also make sense to say that punchers would be more accurate because they are pulled back the same amount each time they are fired, and thus have essentially the same amount of energy, so the same amount of energy is applied to the ball each time a ball is fired. This is not true because the elastics do eventually wear out, but this should not be noticeable in a single match, and if necessary, elastics can be changed between matches. With flywheels, while inconsistencies can be reduced by programming, a flywheel will not necessarily impart the same amount of energy to the ball each time a ball is fired. This makes flywheels superior for fielding, as they can shoot from anywhere on the field, but inferior for DCLs.

As for the transmission, it does not appear that it uses extra gears. The gearing used would require those gears even if only one of the gearings was used. Plus, the friction from a single stage of HS gears is, in my experience*, essentially negligible.

I have experienced Jupiter, or at least seen an orange-reddish dot in the sky and been told that was Jupiter. Something must have caused that red dot, and is given the name Jupiter. And no, I’m only fairly certain that the bottom of the ocean is there, having never experienced it myself, but there must be something keeping the water in the ocean.

*I am qualifying my argument because there are those on the forum who have had much more experience than I have had. As you have had nothing to say about your experience to refute mine, I will assume you have none you deemed important enough or relevant to this topic, and thus cannot comment on it.

In the video it looked like you are only using 1 rubber band to shoot full field?

Would it be okay for you guys to out more pictures of your puncher? Thanks

Yea i can do that, i will pm them to you. It has 3 doubled up rubber bands behind the launcher.

Ladies, you are both pretty. Oh wait, i havent experienced “pretty” therefore it doesnt exist.

Does your flywheel shoot from the bar?
And also, does it have a hood?

I have not seen it online, but I have seen it in person. Our friend at 2114Z has had such accuracy in competitions and on Thursday when he came to practice on our field. We have seen another team, 5090A, experience such great accuracy with TWO linear cam punchers. They scored 318 in robot skills, so their accuracy is pretty near your 23-24 out of 24 in that run alone.

I like how you make fun of @puzzler7 for not having experienced all there is to experience and still making a claim, and a qualified one at that, but then unilaterally claim that such a linear puncher does not exist. There is no such need to be rude, but being a hypocrite on top of that is worse.

And @RealSteel-Michael and @Real Steel: great reveal, great robot. You have improved from your last reveal, and I totally understand and support your decision for a second launcher.

@Aponthis isnt the one that’s annoying here…

It would be great if you could actually add something to this conversation @Elevator Lift instead of attacking other teams

Also, Team 66, Nice Robot!

No, I was replying with my personal experience which contradicts your absolute statement. The fact remains that firstly, you are rude to everyone on this forum, and secondly, you are a hypocrite to boot.

I can tell that having an innovative defensive robot to go against really made you mad. It sucks to have to think outside of the box to go against a unique bot, doesn’t it? Or, maybe you didn’t go against them but were scared of them. You’re clearly trolling at this point where you are demeaning me and the robots of the past, whose builders are graduated, so I am not going to respond beyond this point. If all you can come up with is ad hominem, then there is nothing to be gained from this conversation.

I have seen numerous punchers both in person and online that are capable of easily shooting with 90% or above accuracy from the starting tile. I have also seen at least one linear puncher that can match the fire rate and accuracy of a flywheel at the bar. The most important thing about having a slip gear launcher that can field is making sure your intake can correctly place the balls into the launcher at the max fire rate.

Funnily enough, the linear puncher that my team built at the very beginning of the season made all 24 preloads from the loading zone(not preloading zone) every single match we competed in. At least 36 other teams can attest to this launcher existing.

*do driver loads

Nice to see other teams using dual launchers now. Good work guys!

The answer to both of your questions is, Yes.

Hey, thank you so much. That really does mean a lot. Im happy to see that we are being noticed!

Thank You! It has proven to be beneficial in a numerous amount of situations. :slight_smile:

Not to be rude, but if i ask nicely can you please stop arguing. People have questions that they need answered. There is nothing wrong with that. This forum is a place for help as well as encouragement, and i would like to keep that as true as possible within my conversations. Thank You!