VRC Annotated Programming Skills Challenge Field Perimeter Required?

Does anyone know if we need to have a field perimeter for the VRC Programming Skills Challenge this August? My team is BROKE and can’t afford it. We tried emailing VEX, but haven’t gotten a response yet.

And if it is required, would anyone be willing to lend us one? We are situated in Fremont, California and would be willing to drive anywhere in the Bay Area to get it. Will return as soon as we are done

Mods removed email, please send @team97101G a DM if you can help.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

I am not completely sure, but I don’t think it’s required. I would think they know that some teams only have official fields at school to which they do not currently have access and use cheaper things at home, and they would include it as a requirement in the challenge description if you had to use an official perimeter. If you have wood or something you could use as a makeshift perimeter, it should be fine as long as it is functionally identical to the official perimeter. The challenge wants you to demonstrate your team’s ability to code your robot, not your team’s ability to pay for a field.


I believe it is allowed to use wood as a field perimeter, provided the dimensions are identical to that of the metal perimeter.


I wouldn’t put your email up in a public forum. If I were you, I’d just ask people to DM you instead, else you’re opening yourself up to a lot of spam.