VRC Annotated Programming Skills Online Challenge - Deadline extended

The current VRC Annotated Programming Skills Online Challenge deadline date has been extended to October 30, 2020.


That’s disappointing. I wish they had just added a second round. I have a couple of students who have been working really hard to meet to original deadline.


Agreed. They should have made this decision about a month ago, but instead waited until two weeks before the deadline, when many teams were rushing to meet it.


Same here. My team was spending a lot of time getting ready for that challenge. We spent the majority of this month working hard to get a submission in. Well, I guess we have more time to refine our program and our robot then.


better than just leaving the deadline as unreasonably early as it was, essentially excluding all school-based teams who don’t have field access over the summer.


I personally would have just preferred that they did a second round. That way everyone who couldn’t get parts is happy that they get a chance and everyone who was scrambling to meet the original deadline isn’t left with a twinge of disappointment. My team definitely would have gone about it differently if we knew we had an extra 2 months to work.


Once something gains traction, it would continue moving. This also applies to deadline delays as well. If they’re moving this back, I wonder if its possible for it to be moved back more and more until there’s only a couple months until a new season shows up. That’s my biggest fear when seeing these competitions in change up, I don’t want students to miss out a year of robotics.


until it loses traction


In which case… It would keep moving?


not with your acceleration under control?

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I don’t know at this point paradoxes are hard

Returning to the topic:
A second round would have been preferable IMO, but I’m guessing there’d be a need for extra sponsor money and I’d also wager there is a finite amount of worlds spots allocated.
But a deadline extension is the second best thing - my team is still hoping to have an entry

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