VRC coaching

Hello All

I will be coaching my first VRC team this year. I have coached FLL and VEX IQ teams before.

I was wondering if there are any VRC coaches that I could virtually meet with, to get some advise on coaching with respect to equipment, running team meetings and practice.

Please feel free to direct message me and we can set up some zoom time. or point me to some good coaching websites.


This is my first year coaching too. Because of the pandemic, I’m not able to do much for virtual. Schools are reopening and might be able to do robotics In-person.

Certifications.vex.com is a good website to learn to program. There are certain YouTube videos that are helpful, but a lot of them are dated.

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Might I ask what state/province/region you are in?

There’s a FaceBook VRC Coaches group; I’ve not joined (not on FaceBook). Feel free to DM me if you want.

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Hey 9MotorGang

I am in New Hampshire

The Facebook group is called the “vex world coaches association” . It’s a private group and you will need to answer three questions to join.



I don’t know any others on here, but these two have helped a lot from just team morale (lacsap somehow helped to keep my team going throughout Worlds) to fundraising. Obviously I am not saying that they will help you, but I know they can.


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