VRC Coding Requirements

I’m fairly new to running a VRC club. I am wondering what the requirements for coding are. Is it strictly the VEXCode Pro V5 platform? Is VEXCode Text or Block prohibited?

There are no restrictions on how you can program a robot. vexcode text/block are both officially supported platforms, but you are free to use third party programming platforms as well if you wish, such as pros.


Another method that was just released is using Visual Studio Code. More info here.


The only requirement for your code is that is responds to the commands from tournament manager. Whichever coding platform you choose should already have a built-in competition template that sets up threads for autonomous and driver control so that your robot stops and starts when it should. Other then that, as everyone else said, pick any program you like. Some options are extensions on Visual Studio Code (PROS, VEXCode), the VEXCode Text/Block apps, PROS (either through atom - not recommend, or VSCode), robotmesh studio (may lose support at any time, but it’s worth the mention), and a few others I don’t remember off the top of my head.


Additionally, the PROS Command line can be used with Vim/Emacs/Sublime (etc.) if you have experienced programmers on your team who already use another editor.

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Although I would suggest using Vexcode V5 Text if you are a beginner though as its simpler to use and has tools that can allow a beginner such as me to program a robot relativley easily.