VRC Drive Team Member Certification Course

Wondering if there is any insight out there as to when the Drive Team Certification will be updated for Tipping Point? I was hoping to make the course a part of the team application process this year as a way to weed out the less serious applicants, but team formation is soon.


It would be nice to have it for head referees this season as well.

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Both are in development now in conjunction with REC Foundation. October is the most likely timeframe for release.


It’s now November and events are underway, so just wondering if there is an update to the status of the Drive Team Member Certification Course?


Thank you for all of the patience in getting these this season. We expect to have these out before the end of November. Next season, we anticipate being back on schedule with a much earlier release.

Jim Crane
Director of Developing Programs
Game Design Committee Member


As November is drawing to a close, do you have an updated timeline of when the referee training videos and drive team certification course will be coming out?


We posted the VRC Head Referee Certification today. The Drive Team Member Certification is almost identical and we will post that once everyone gives the VRC Head Referee Certification a once over to make sure we didn’t miss anything in our editing.


Now that it has been out for over 2 weeks, how long should we expect the Head Ref review process to take? Was hoping to have my team do Drive Team certification over winter break, but that window of opportunity is closing.


Now approaching 2 months since the Head Ref certification was released, should we just give up on ever getting the Drive Team one?


I would be patient on this - it may well be a case where resources to work on the projects may have been redirected to other areas of the company during the Covid surge. I know last week we had 20% students out of school due to a myriad of reasons. I suspect Covid Omicron may have been a catalyst. Number of people out has significantly risen after thanksgiving, and more so after December winter break. This does not just impact schools, but businesses. So be patient if you can be.

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