VRC Hub Bugs (Areas for Improvement?) for Tipping Point Scoring

I was playing around with VRC Hub and found two potential problems.

Scoring 7 goals?!?!

One issue was the fact that one alliance can score 7 goals total.

This got briefly brought up here, but I discovered the issue independently.

The app automatically limits the amount of goals scored on a platform or in a home zone to 5 which is great. The app also automatically limits the total amount of goals scored to 7 which is great. But you can score 5 goals on a platform and then 2 more in your alliance zone (or any other such combination), which shouldn’t be possible.

SmartSelect_20210806-084320_VRC Hub

There is really only one possible use for this, which is the scoring for the LRT format of Tipping Point. In this format, alliance goals are treated as neutral, so the possibility of scoring 7 goals exists. However the incredible divergence between LRT scoring and normal scoring is so dramatic that this feature is useless in the current version of VRC Hub.

This is a pretty minor issue as long as everyone knows how to score Tipping Point, but if someone believes that all the goals can count for points for either alliance, this could prove somewhat problematic.

Reset Button doesn't reset everything?

Second issue is the fact that the trash button or reset button or whatever, does not reset the autonomous buttons, or the elevated robot buttons. The reset button still sets the score to zero, but these buttons remain in their positions. This could be especially problematic for referees scoring an event with back-to-back matches.

Example: A match is scored with the blue alliance winning the autonomous bonus, and the red alliance having one elevated robot.

SmartSelect_20210806-084506_VRC Hub

After pushing the reset button, the score goes to zero, but blue alliance has technically still “won” the autonomous bonus, and red alliance still has an elevated robot.

SmartSelect_20210806-084547_VRC Hub

The next match, red wins auton so the referee presses the red alliance button to signify they won autonomous. Instead of them getting a 20 point bonus, both alliances get a 10 point bonus for tying auton. The red alliance also elevated a robot at the end of the match, so the referee presses the elevated robot button to give them credit for that.

SmartSelect_20210806-084614_VRC Hub

As we can see, blue gets 10 points they didn’t earn, red loses 10 points they should have gotten from auton, and red gets an extra 30 points they didn’t earn. In reality, the score should be 50-0 in favor of red.

It’s a bit tough to follow, but go try it if you need to.

Sorry if I missed these being brought up elsewhere (or if I made some other mistake). They aren’t major issues, but still have the potential to be problematic.

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Scoring appears to still not work on ios., just showing a blank grey screen. Quite unfortunate because the game is pretty time consuming to score manually, but seeing as vrc hub is the only scoring app available for tipping point, ios users currently have no options for scoring apps.




somehow missed this one, thanks.

EDIT: do rings not work on this one yet?


Btw https://vexscoring.app/ is downloadable as a PWA so it can run like a normal app, and there’ll be bigger announcement soon after full release


to do rings you gotta tap on the mobile goals


ah ok, I’d mistaken that overview page (I think that’s what it is) for ring scoring.

Pinging @Dave_Flowerday and @dscheck.


As Xenon said, the scoring only works on android devices. Pretty bad if your school issued tablets aren’t android. Also, as mentioned in another thread, the game manual in the app has not been updated to reflect the (semi) recent update. As this is an official VEX app, I would expect the game manual to be up to date.


Also, as I mentioned in This thread, there is no appendix A in the manual section. If this is intentional, why? If not please fix it. Thanks.

Thanks for the report. I’m going to release an Android update tonight that fixes the issues in this thread

  • Properly clearing the auto and platforms when clear is pressed
  • Corrected constraints around number of goals (7 total with a max of 5 per alliance)

As for iOS, we’re aware that the issue exists and are looking into it. Dave F will be able provide more details.