VRC Hub Skills Scoring

The VRC Hub app (to my knowledge) has constraints (i.e. only 7 towers can be scored) put on scoring that doesn’t allow for it to be used for a skills match. I know that skills is easy to score, being just cubes scored times cubes placed, but vex could still make it easier for skills scoring by implementing a skills mode into the app.

Unless I’m not seeing something - there are only 7 towers on the field?


Did you think that there were more, it would interesting to see what a match would look like if it had 20 towers.

I’m probably not understanding, but there are only 7 towers on the field, 5 neutral and 2 alliance. And the cubes placed in towers do not actually count for points on their own.

Yeah, the scoring of cubes in a given match (alliance vs alliance) is t+1, where “t” is the # of cubes of a certain color that are placed in towers. For a skills match, cubes placed in towers affect ALL colors.

No it wouldn’t be interesting. The towers would make an impassable wall, trapping all bots in their starting areas

And cube shooters would start to develop.


i n t e r e s t i n g