VRC Hub, Turning Point scoring page blank on IOS

I’m using the VRC Hub app. When I download the app I open the Turning Point scoring page and it works fine. If I leave the app minimized or close it for a while, when I try to go to the Turning Point scoring page again it’s a blank grey screen with the typical menu at the top:
< VRC Hub Trash Can | Rule Icon | Clock Icon

I can restart the app and the phone even and nothing fixes it. In the Zone, Starstruck, and Nothing But Net all appear to work fine.

iPhone 6s running IOS 11.4

When I delete the app and re-download, the Turning Point works again (for a while).
Being connected to WiFi or LTE cellular data doesn’t affect the results either.

We’ve gotten a few sporadic reports of similar problems, however we are completely unable to recreate this issue.

The only theory I have at this point involves iOS deleting part of VRC Hub’s data. This would only happen if your device’s storage was mostly full in which case iOS tries to delete unnecessary data to free up space. Can you check in your phone’s Settings app under General and let us know what you have for “Capacity” and “Available”?

@Dave Flowerday

Capacity = 16GB
Available = 982.2 MB

I always just blamed my phone, but I ran into another guy who had the same issue as I do.

edit: I just reinstalled the app. The scoring is working at this moment.
The app storage info says, App Size 2.7 MB; Documents & Data 16KB
I’ll see if these numbers decrease when the scoring isn’t working again.

I turned off background refresh for VRC Hub and I didn’t have a problem with scoring for Turning Point. As soon as I turned background refresh on, and let it sit for 1/2 hour, I had a blank score-sheet for TP again. I forgot to check the storage info before deleting it and reinstalling. (I’m going to try one more time.)

Yeah I’ve reinstalled the app 6-7 times due to this issue

I’ve also had this issue both on IOS 11 and IOS 12.

I’ve had this issue, and recently I turned off the automatic offloading of apps, and it seems to work perfectly fine now, other than deleting the manual every time I want to view it.

I can’t reproduce the problem any more after…
turned off background refresh for VRC Hub (problem seemed to stop)
turned on background refresh for VRC Hub (problem came back)
reinstalled VRC Hub (app works fine with no issues)

I don’t know

Okay now after trying again it’s just a grey screen.

Personally, regardless of whether background app refresh is on or off my app always seems to stop working when my phone is low on storage, I’ve found deleting a handful of old pictuers or an app or two that I don’t use always fixes the problem.