VRC In The Zone Manual Updates

This thread will be used to publish updates to the VRC In the Zone Game Manual.

Please start a separate thread in this forum for discussion of any of these changes. For any official questions, please post in the official VRC In the Zone Q&A.

On June 15th, 2017, the following updates were made to the VRC In the Zone Game Manual.

  1. <SG14> was edited to include the updated 36" expansion restrictions, to add the standard penalty text, and to fix a measurement error (from 45.72 mm to 457.2 mm).

An on-field measurement solution will be provided by VEX Robotics to all Event Partners (details forthcoming).

  1. The text of <SG7> was updated to read as follows:

  1. The following text was added to <SG9>:

In addition, the following Note was added to <SG9>:

  1. The definition of Stacked was updated with Note 3 as follows:

On June 19th, 2017, the following addition to the June 15th update was included in Appendix E (VEX U).

  1. was added to modify the in-match sizing constraint established by <SG14>.

On August 17th, 2017, the following updates were made to the VRC In the Zone Game Manual.

In the definition of “Stacked”, additional images were added to help clarify what should be considered an “upright” Mobile Goal.

SG3 was revised to state the following:

SG5 was appended to clarify that this rule applies to all Cones that are fully nested on an opponent’s upright Goal.

SG9 Note 1 was reworded to better explain “Cone hoarding”.

SG9 Note 2 was reworded to account for the fact that when a Robot contacts a Cone that is fully nested above an upright Goal, it is no longer considered Stacked.

SG14 was changed from a vertical cylinder with a diameter of 36" (914.4mm) to a maximum horizontal dimension of 36" (914.4mm). This was done to help make inspection, enforcement, and robot design more straightforward.

SG15 was added:

The Tournament Section, under Event Modifications referring to an event with 17 or fewer teams that is using unbalanced alliances, was changed to state that the team remaining after Alliance Selection is added to the top ranked alliance, not the 8th alliance.

Appendix B, under the Robot Skills Challenge Rankings, was reworded to better explain how tiebreakers are used in the event that multiple teams have the exact same scores for each Programming Skills Match and Driver Skills Match.

VUG7 was reworded to the following:

The new On-Field Robot Expansion Sizing Tool is now available. It will be provided to all Event Partners as part of their Event Partner Support Kit. Any EPs with questions about this process should contact their REC Foundation Regional Support Manager.

On April 5th, 2018, the following updates were made to the VRC In the Zone Game Manual. We have also published a standalone VEX Worlds Update document to highlight these updates and provide some additional context/clarification.

<G12> was modified to include the following comment regarding solely defensive strategies.

<T06> was added to clarify which rule violations could be grounds for an event-wide DQ at the VEX Robotics World Championship.

A “VEX Worlds 2018” section was added to “Event Modifications”, in the Tournament section of the manual. This event modification outlines and explains the division elimination format that will be used at VEX Worlds 2018.

<R1> was updated to include the following clarifications:

On April 17th, 2018, the following unscheduled updates were made to the VRC In the Zone Game Manual and the standalone VEX Worlds Update document.

The “VEX Worlds” Event Modification section was modified to reflect that the World Championship finals matches will be in the “best of 3” format.