VRC Legal/Illegal Parts lists - Tipping Point

I’m looking for a legal/illegal parts lists for VRC competition this year. I can find the one for IQ, but I’m unable to find the one for Tipping Point. Anyone shed some light?

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Read manual

R6, R7, and R8 talk about what you’re looking for. R10, R11, R12, and R13 are relevant too ig


Although you’re going to get a “read the manual” from several people, to more directly answer your question, no, that list doesn’t exist in VRC. There’s a few rules about fabrication of one’s own pieces that makes it impossible to have a limit on which parts are allowed; it’s not as simple as “Oh, these are all the parts from the Hexbug kits that are fine”.


Thanks, I thought I was going crazy. I was familiar with R6-8 and R10-13. I go back and forth between VRC and VIQC so I had to be sure.

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if your buying from the vex website it has handy markers on what is v5 and what is not. The main places where parts fabrication become an issue are 3D printing(banned for VEX, allowed in VEXU) and lexan(specific thickness sheets). There are also a few rules regarding tape. Do you have a material in particular you have a question on? Oh and you cant mix systems, so no 393 motors with v5 brain for comps.

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