VRC Nothing BUT Net: Possible Stategy Question

Hi, I was wondering if there is a rule against picking up your alliance before the 30 second point in order for them to shoot. I am planning with my sister team for this and am wondering if this would be against the rules. I have reviewed the rules and have found nothing against but was wondering if the community would be able to help me understand the technicalities of this.

It seems there is no rule against picking them up before the 30 seconds as long you don’t expand outside the 18^3. I don’t really understand the gain up picking them up to shoot, but I would really like to hear your ideas. If you were to pick them up to the high elevation level their robot would have to be less than 6 inches tall to not exceed the size limit.

Two things.

First, you can expand horizontally at any point while you are in the climbing zone. However, vertical expansion is limited to the last 30 seconds.

Second, the 18" height limit is for each individual robot, making this a possible idea. However, I see little benefit, since it limits the number of shots you could get to the rate of fire of a single robot.

Almost didn’t notice that you are a part of 1961 South Forsyth. One of my personal closest teams in VRC and I had a great season with your A team Bagels…

Continue the legend, buddy.

Thanks man, they are my senior team and they are graduating now. They have been some pretty great mentors and officers for our school.

Hey man, can you open up your message option? Really wanna pm you about this.

Hey sorry, got caught up with some school work and didn’t see your reply but I have added my skype username if that’s what you’re wondering because I’m pretty new to this forum as a poster and am not sure if there is a built in messaging option.

My Skype Name: checkthat19