VRC Roll Call - What number did your team get?

The Mostly Water team from Manassas/Haymarket VA,
sponsored by Triangle Fraternity,
snagged #42.


Metal Gear of Enochs High School got #438. We thought of trying for 1337, but 438 was our FTC number last year, and all our parts and equipment are labeled with it, so laziness triumphed over “style.”

254 for the Cheesy Poofs, like our FRC team. We may have multiple teams under 254a, 254b, etc.

Radnor Robotics will be team number 101. It was our FTC number last year so we kept it, since we are not affiliated with an FRC team.

FTC Team 24, Super Sonic Sparks (or S-Cubed) from Westminster, MD will be both VRC Team 24 and FTC Team 24 this year. If our team grows much more, we will be splitting into Team 24A and 24B (and maybe 24C) for VRC.

VRC 575 (a,b,c,d, and probably e,f) and FTC 575, 417, 418 and ??
My sons’ Boy Scout troop is also 575 so it was serendipity when we were given FTC 575 last year. I think we’ll stick with the number, if for no other reason that I already have it memorized.

WOW either you have a lot of kids or very small teams. I would expect 575 to be a powerhouse just because of all the ideas, you’re sure to find the right mix.

We are Teams 81 and 82 (from last year) and team 1640 (our big brother FRC team number) We try to go 4-6 students per robot, that gives everyone a chance to build and drive.

Is there a published list of all the teams that have been registered?

Not yet,

It is one of the oddities of have computerized records that you sometimes end up having them become a bit less accessible than if they were simply written down in one big ledger book.

IFI has creating a team list on their to-do list.


GUS Robotics is FRC and VRC Team 228.

If you do get a roster, could you forward it to me please? Am trying to find a team in Southern California for my son to join. Thanks

Acme Robotics will have VRC #12 which matches our starting number in FTC. Returning from last year will be the Weather Makers as Team 12a and the Sand Crawlers as Team 12b. There will be 2-4 additional teams, but they are still in the organizational phase and have yet to be named.

Bill Wiley

Trobotics (www.trobotics.ca), from Vancouver, BC is 1346a through 1346e based on our FRC number.

What I’m waiting to see is the team numbers our friends at Gladstone Secondary will get. They had two teams in the FTC quarter finals at Atlanta last year, and are expecting… get this… up to 20 VRC teams this year.

Any other schools wish to challenge in the “most teams registered” category?

By the way, there are two VRC events planned in B.C. this year. One in Courtenay, on Vancouver Island, on December 12, the other to be in Vancouver, date TBA… likely in February. Out-of-province teams are most welcome at both events!


Team S.H.I.R.T VRC and FTC #600 got the same number from last year

Lets see…
721 881
722 882
723 883
859 890
860 891
861 892
879 893

Saint Mary Central, WI got 1200, 1300, and 1400

The Zionsville Steel Eagles got 7701 through 7711
77 because it looks like two z’s (?)
01 - 11 for team number

11 teams - woot!

Yup, Syntax Error is 1200. Cblightbulb, are you and MainFrame Meltown taking 1400?

Team: Polvex #2500


NUTRONS #125 College Division