VRC Rubber Shaft Collars?

I believe that if VEX were to create rubber shaft collars that easily slide onto the VRC shafts and snap onto the VRC metal, it would be genius. The rubber shaft collars for the VEX IQ robots are awesome, but if something similar were made for the VRC robots, I feel like there would be less hassle with rubber shaft collars.

Wait, http://www.vexrobotics.com/catalog/product/gallery/id/26790/image/30826/

Or are you wanting something different?

The problem with those is that, on the VRC shafts, they have to be forced in and don’t work efficiently because they’re meant for the VEX IQ shafts.

Oh, yeah they are a pain to slide on sometimes, but they kind of have to be because that friction is the only thing keeping them in place.

I thought the IQ and EDR shafts were the same?

VEX EDR Shafts and VEX IQ Shafts are identical, and you can even purchase VEX IQ shaft packs for your robot if you want pre-cut 4" shafts instead of buying 12" shafts and cutting them yourself

Are they? I’ve never worked with VEX IQ before so I just assumed that, based on the shape of the hole of the rubber shaft collars, the shape of the shafts were different. My mistake.

Hi RamTech 59A,

The reason the Rubber Shaft Collars do not have a square hole is because they rely on the deformation of rubber to squeeze the shaft to provide the clamping force.

Unlike plastic or metal, a square hole in rubber would still allow you to push through a shaft at a 45 degree angle, but it would be much tighter than if you aligned the square shaft to the square hole in the shaft collar. We want the Rubber Shaft Collar to have a consistent force and not require specific angles, so the Rubber Shaft Collar has a special internal hole design to work consistently with the standard 1/8" (3.175mm) shafts used in both VEX IQ and VEX EDR.

All other items in VEX IQ have normal square holes for 1/8" shaft.

I remember accidentally using IQ shafts before and they were slightly thicker than the EDR ones. Not sure if I am 100% correct though.