VRC Rules Test ( in Google Forms)

Quick little self marking quiz I made up for my students to encourage reading the rules closely. May help someone else!

Take, adapt, improve or whatever!

Edited to be just a form instead of a editable doc. Trolls…


thank you! my teams were asking for one like this afternoon!

and Welcome to the forum!

hey great form! i think you should send the link and make it so that not everyone can edit, so some troll doesnt come along and ruin the whole form


or Pro tip - mark your versions in edit history … we did this when we shared our autonomous planner during Tp season - lets all put in great ideas and still maintain sanity for publish versions :slight_smile:


To add to this, there is a more in depth quiz that is made by the RECF that comes out later in the season!
(Right now it’s still on change up)


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