VRC Signature Events 2023-2024

August - Mall of America, Minnesota

October - Haunted, Tennessee

November #1 - Battle by the Beach, Texas (Galveston)

November #2 - Wave at WPI, Massachusetts

November #3 - Speedway, Indiana

December #1 - Pacific Ocean, Chinese Taipei

December #2 - Riverbots II, Michigan

December #3 - Hollywood Blockbuster, California (LA)

December #4 - Sugar Rush, Pennsylvania (Hershey)

January #1 - Northeast Wisconsin VRC Showdown, Wisconsin

January #2 - Canadian Open, Ontario, Canada

January #3 - Kalahari Classic, Ohio

January #4 - Gateway to the West, West Virginia

January #5 - Ignite the Pacific Northwest, Washington

January #6 - 2Do Campeonato de la Frontera Norte, Mexico

February #1 - Rumble in the Rockies, Utah (Salt Lake City)

February #2 - AFCEA Pikes Peak Robotics Classic, Colorado (Colorado Springs)

February #3 - Mecha Mayhem, Alberta, Canada

February #4 - Norcal Silicon Valley, California

February #5 - Bots at Bristol, Tennessee

February #6 - Gateway to the West, West Virginia

February #7 - Girl Powered International Fest, Colombia

February #8 - Latin America, Colombia

February #9 - Score Show, Alabama

February #10 - Launch, Ohio (Cleveland)


When will registration open for Mall of America, and where will it be located?

Not sure when registration will open but be sure to check out the robot events page to see once it gets uploaded on there! As for the location, it will be at Mall of America, which is located in Bloomington Minnesota.

Living in Minnesota, I can tell you that Mall of America is located here (Bloomington, MN).
I’m not so sure about registration though.

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:joy: I guess that post was a little confusing, I meant where the link to register would be.


I wish that there was an event in Kansas City.

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Is there no CREATE U.S. Open this year, or does that not count as a Signature Event?

Oh! No worries! I was trying to do some research for your convenience, but I’m not seeing the link for registration. Hope you find it!

yall should come to “gateway to the west”


Pretty sure it’s 14-weeks prior to the event.

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When will they publish the actual dates for the signature events and for next year’s Worlds?

It is not a sig event as it does not qualify for worlds.


Another Mecha Mayhem? already excited :raised_hands:


Just wondering, if y’all could only attend one of these, which one would you go to? Right now, my team has Hollywood in mind, but we weren’t sure if it is a popular signature event. We want to go to an event that has a good amount of competition.

Based on the sheer number of teams in California, I’m sure the Hollywood one will be as competitive as the Vegas one this year, not to mention the NorCal event


If I could only attend one, it would be Kalahari, no question.


I can assure you that Hollywood will be popular (California Region 4 is one of the most competitive and large regions in the world), but as for the highest skill or best signature, I’m not sure. I know I want to go to Hollywood though because it’s close to where I live, so make sure you’re also choosing signature events that are within your budget if it’s far away.

If I could only attend one it would be Rumble in the Rockies (Since we’re hosting it.)

Just checking, but is battle 4 vegas happening again? I could have sworn the nevada recf had been talking about doing it again in January.

Is this a finalized list?