VRC: Spin-Up: What if you built a robot that was functionally a wall

I was wondering this because it would give you your 3-point tile bonus and block the other team from shooting.

You could also stop people from getting to the rollers with a wall. Potentially you could also block expansion mechs.
Personally, I have designed a detachable wall that can block rollers and I will use for expansion if string shooters get outlawed in a game manual update.

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Please explain how a detachable would work.

It was built like a scissor lift and you would have rubber bands making it always want to expand. Attach it to the back of your robot with string or something. If you look at 244x in tower takeover they have something like that.


What if you built the wall with a window for the alliance partner to shoot from.

I don’t know about a high wall. This one is just low. Try to think of something yourself. I can’t tell you everything you need to do - it’s your robot not mine. Be creative! Look at some wall bots from previous games too. Do some of your own digging, get some ideas, invent something! Not everyone wants to put time into thinking about something they’re not gonna make on their robot, so don’t depend on others to tell you what to do, just do it yourself.

It can’t expand beyond 18 inches before the endgame and the rulebook clearly defines that any robot may not intentionally detach any parts. See SG4, SG5, and G5 on page 35. G5 is “Keep your Robots together. Robots may not intentionally detach parts during the Match or leave
mechanisms on the field.
Note: Parts which become detached unintentionally and therefore a Minor Violation are no
longer considered “part of a Robot,” and should be ignored for the purposes of any rules which
involve Robot contact (e.g., Covering field tiles, contacting a Low Goal, horizontal expansion, etc.)
or Robot size.
Violation Notes: Major Violations of this rule should be rare, as Robots should never be designed
to intentionally violate it. Minor Violations are usually due to Robots being damaged during
gameplay, such as a wheel falling off.”

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It would still be attached to the robot if you had something like a string attached to the mechanism. 3141A had arms coming out from their robot to block rollers at MOA.


It would then violate the expansion rule due to distance from the robot.

Not in endgame. Read the rules.


I meant in the regular time period in which it was clearly meant to be used.

It was clearly meant to be used in endgame, when teams are focused on roller possession. You wouldn’t want to deploy one of those mechanisms until the last moment, even if it was legal, because you would want to focus on scoring disks in the high goal or defence.


The endgame doesn’t make detachment legal.

It is not detaching, as you insist it being. It is expanding outward from their robot on a pivot, in the last 10 seconds of the match to secure roller possession. It is a good idea and teams should copy it imo.


That is not what I intended, I intended to find peoples overall thoughts on the strategy, but not so much on overall building

It would have to pass the 18"x18"x18" inspection so if you built an expanding mechanism, it would be legal

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Sorry I was wrong you can expand vertically 24 inches with in 2"
you can only expand horizontally in endgame

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