VRC Team Update -November 2011

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VRC Team Update - November 2011

Update on Teams and Events

We are excited to announce that the VEX Robotics Competition team
registrations are far ahead of where they were this time last year.
There are already over 3,700 VEX teams registered.

The VRC tournaments are also in full swing and already there have
been over 100 tournaments worldwide. Despite the more than 250 events
still to occur and listed on RobotEvents, many are already full or
close to full. If you have not registered your team yet, visit
RobotEvents.com and register your VRC team today to ensure that you
receive important updates about the 2012 VRC World Championship and
the many other VRC events and opportunities.

Registration is still only $75 for the first team number at a school.
Additional teams from the same location can register for just $25 per
team. Once payment is received, the first team from each school will
receive a Welcome Kit that includes sample game elements, team
license plates, flags, and other goodies. Click here - http://robotevents.com to register your team now!

2011/2012 Skills Challenge Ranking System

The robot and programming skills challenge rankings have changed for
this year. When teams compete during a robot skills match, their
scores will be recorded and added to the VEX Robotics Competition
Skills Challenge database to be ranked with every other team skills
score during the season. The rankings for the skills challenges are
now posted on RobotEvents. The robot skills challenge rankings can
be found here - http://robotevents.com/robot-competitions/vex-robotics-competition/robot-skills and the programming skills challenge rankings can be found here - http://robotevents.com/robot-competitions/vex-robotics-competition/programming-skills.

New this year: The top 30 ranked teams in the world from both the
robot and programming skills challenges as of March 4, 2012, will
earn a World Championship qualifying spot. Information about the
qualification for the World Championship through the skills
challenges can be found here - http://content.robotevents.com/docs/VRWC2012_QualCriteria_072811.pdf.

World Championship Registration Is Open

The 2012 VRC World Championship will be held April 18th-21st at the
Anaheim Convention Center.

Sunny Anaheim, CA is rolling out the red carpet for the over 500
teams from around the globe that will compete in this year’s event,
which will set a new standard for the VEX Robotics Competition World
Championship. Take a moment to read the World Championship
registrations page on RobotEvents, the event’s housing websites and
the event’s consolidated travel information page - http://microsite.anaheimoc.org/2012-vex-robotics-world-championship.

Teams should remember that once they earn a qualifying spot to the
2012 VRC World Championship, they have a limited amount of time after
they qualify to register for the World Championship. The registration
window is based on when the qualifying tournament is held according
to the following timeline.

Tournaments held:

  • Before Feb. 1…Teams have 4 weeks after the tournament to

  • Feb. 2 to March 1…Teams have 2 weeks to register

  • After March 1…Teams have 1 week to register

New this year: Disney Youth Educational Series (YES) programs will be
offered before and after the World Championship. These educational
programs are accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission.
All programs are also aligned with National Standards. Please visit
the Disney YES Program - http://www.gettravel.com/vexroboticschampionship/yesprogram.shtml site for more information about cost and availability.

Registration is Open for the U.S. National Championship!

Join us in Omaha, March 15th-17th, 2012 for the U.S. National VEX
Robotics Championship. National talent will compete and collaborate
for National Pride while inspiring and preparing the next generation
of scientists and engineers! At this signature event, you will find:

**High School Division - $275
**Middle School Division - $275
**Grade School Division - $50 - At large teams from around the country are
welcome to attend. Get all the details here - http://www.create-found.org/TT.php.
**FREE Team Celebration (Includes, meal, party and aquatic center.)

Held in the beautiful, state of the art Kroc Center, this high energy, high
quality event promises to be the best National Championship yet! For
all the details about this event, visit the U.S. National VEX
Robotics Championship homepage - http://www.create-found.org/RoboticChampionship.php.

Every U.S. official VRC event posted on RobotEvents by December
31st is a qualifier for the U.S. National VEX Robotics Championship.
Teams have 4 weeks to register for the event after they qualify.
Qualification criteria and other important information can be found
here - http://content.robotevents.com/docs/US_Championship2012_QualCriteria_072811.pdf .

2011/2012 STEM Competition Without A Tournament - Online Today!

Do you want to design robots, produce videos or write great stuff to
win prizes and an invitation to the 2012 VRC World Championship?
Check out the RECF Online Challenges today! It’s the best way to
participate in STEM competitions without traveling to a tournament.
Online Challenges are now open for submissions at http://forum.robotevents.com/design/.

Teams should remember that participation in an online challenge is a
prerequisite to being considered for the Excellence Award at the 2012
VRC World Championship.

VEX Gateway Documentation Updates

Make sure that your team is aware of the latest updates to the VEX
Gateway Game Manual by visiting the sticky forum discussion located
here - https://vexforum.com/t/vex-gateway-manual-updates/18980/1.

A Safe VRC Tournament Is A Good Tournament

As the competition season gets into full swing, everyone should
ensure the safety of all competitors. In particular, all VRC
participants should be aware that the VEX Gateway Game Manual
prohibits anyone from being on a competition field while the Gate is
in the up position. Furthermore, at all times when a Gate is in the
up position, it must be latched using the provided velcro strap.
Please see Appendix A for full instructions on how to use the strap.
And please remember to wear your safety glasses.

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