VRC Team Update - September 2012

Welcome Back!

September 6, 2012

With summer vacations now a pleasant memory and with school in full swing, it is time to bring you up to date with VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) news. Each month, the VRC team update email will provide teams with updated competition information and new developments for the 2012 - 2013 VRC season.

Update on Teams and Events
As of this week, there are over 1,500 VEX teams registered and about 250 events listed on RobotEvents. At this pace, the VRC program will easily surpass 5,000 teams and over 300 events worldwide. If you have not registered your team for this season, visit RobotEvents.com and register your VRC team today to ensure that you receive important updates about all things VEX.

This year registration is still only $75 for the first team number at a school and $25 for each additional suffix. Once payment is received, teams will receive a Welcome Kit that includes the sample game elements (for the first team only), team license plates, and flags. Click here - http://www.robotevents.com to register your team now.

Check RobotEvents often for new events in your area as every week we receive new postings.

On-Line Challenges
There are seven online challenges for teams to be involved with this season. This portion of the VRC program provides opportunities for additional students to be involved in many different facets of the competition. The challenges include the Autodesk Sustainable Design Challenge, FUTURE Foundation Build Challenge, VEX Robotics Essay Challenge, RECF Educational Video Challenge, EMC Team/ Club Website
Challenge, VRC Game Design Animation Challenge, and the VRC Promote Challenge.

Additional information about these challenges can be found at: http://forum.robotevents.com/design - http://forum.robotevents.com/design/%20%20%20

League Play
League Play has expanded this year to provide more teams with the opportunity to compete locally on a regular basis. League Play is a great way to get multiple play dates within a league style format.
Teams play on three or more dates in a local area and then have a championship event. Visit RobotEvents.com for a League Play opportunity near you, or contact your RECF Regional Support Manager for more details.

2012/2013 Skills Challenge Information & Ranking System
The robot and programming skills challenge rankings will follow the format that was used last year. When teams compete during a robot skills match, they will be awarded a score. During certain events,including the 2013 World Championship, the top two teams will advance to a final heads-up match that will be used to determine the winner.

Continuing this year: The top 30 ranked teams from both the robot and programming skills challenges will earn a World Championship qualifying spot. Information about the qualification for the WorldmChampionship through the skills challenges can be found in the 2013
VRC World Championship Qualification Criteria - http://content.vexrobotics.com/epdocs/2013_VRWC_QualifyingCriteria.pdf.

Robot Skills rankings are posted here - http://www.robotevents.com/robot-competitions/vex-robotics-competition/robot-skills Programming Skills Challenge rankings are posted here - http://www.robotevents.com/robot-competitions/vex-robotics-competition/programming-skills .

VEX Sack Attack Documentation Updates
Make sure that your team is aware of the latest updates to the VEXSack Attack Game Manual by visiting the sticky forum discussionlocated here - https://vexforum.com/forumdisplay.php?f=388.

VRC World Championship Qualification Info
The VRC WC qualification process is posted here - http://content.vexrobotics.com/epdocs/2013_VRWC_QualifyingCriteria.pdf .

NEW REC Foundation Website Coming Soon!
In the coming weeks, we will launch a new site that will provide teams, teachers, and event partners with access to the most updated information on competitions, curriculum and resources that areavailable.

Team Fundraising
We know that one of the biggest challenges that teams face each year is fundraising. HEXBUGs provide something new, interesting and different from typical fundraisers and will give teams a fun and exciting product to offer.

Additional information available here - http://www.robotevents.com/fundraising.php .

In the News
**Robot Skills In Demand - http://www.wantedanalytics.com/press/2012/06/26/robotics-skills-demanded-hiring-to-build-program-and-operate-robots-grows-29/

**Computer Science Jobs and Education - http://cacm.acm.org/blogs/blog-cacm/147077-computer-science-jobs-and-education-presentation-slides/fulltext

Safety Is A Priority
Remember that as the competition season gets into full swing, everyone should ensure the safety of all competitors. In particular, all VRC participants should be aware of the safety guidelines in the VEX Sack Attack Game Manual. Also, please remember to wear your safety glasses.

REC Foundation
We are a non-profit foundation using robotics to get young and older
minds interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
Please contact us, if we can be of help.

2013 VRC World Championship is only 222 Days Away!**

Visit the 2013 VRC World Championship tournament pages on RobotEvents
for more information about the 2013 event.

“Every great achievement was first impossible.”  Guy Clarke

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Thanks for the update! My team was wondering if some regional tournaments still won’t qualify teams for the WC.

Specifically http://www.robotevents.com/robot-competitions/vex-robotics-competition/asij-vex-robotics-challenge-1.html says that winning teams don’t qualify for the WC. Instead, winning teams qualify for the Washington Championship and BCIT A Division later in the season which are then listed as WC qualifying events. Are the listings just not yet updated, or is this the system for qualification?

Thanks again!

says that winning teams don’t qualify for the WC. Instead, winning teams qualify for the Washington Championship and BCIT A Division later in the season which are then listed as WC qualifying events. Are the listings just not yet updated, or is this the system for qualification?

Thanks again!

Yeah I’ve noticed this too. And in all of our big regional meets only the excellence award goes to Worlds?? Sizes over 30 also? This is concerning to us because in my team region one team always wins the excellence award, but posted here the qualification looks the same as last years.

You are correct, at least when looking at early season tournaments in BC. There will be a few tournaments where only the Excellence winner will qualify for Worlds.

This is because the region has been allocated a fixed number of qualifying spaces for worlds.

But really, qualifying for the BCIT A division or Washington State Championships is at least 50% as good as qualifying for worlds… after all 50% of the teams in the finals at worlds were at those tournaments last year! :rolleyes:

Be excellent!