VRC Tower Takeover FAQ - Read This Before Posting a Question!

This is a list of frequently asked questions that I have seen since Tower Takeover was released. The goal of this post is to reduce the number of questions on the forum that have already been asked and answered. This post is a wiki, so feel free to edit it to add additional questions or correct any errors. See also my FAQ for VIQC Squared Away.

Q: How many cubes can I possess at once?
A: There is no possession limit. You can hold as many cubes as you want.

Q: Can I remove cubes from my opponents’ Goal Zones?
A: No. Causing cubes to no longer be scored in an opponents’ goal zone is prohibited by <SG3>. Additionally, if you de-score cubes that are in your opponent’s protected zone, you will be automatically disqualified.

Q: Can I remove cubes from towers?
A: You can remove cubes from your alliance tower and the 5 neutral towers. However, you can not remove cubes from your opponent’s Alliance Tower. Per <SG3>, removing a cube from your opponent’s Alliance Tower will result in an automatic disqualification.

Q: How many cubes can be placed in a tower?
A: Only one cube can be placed in each tower. If more than one cube meets the definition of Placed for a tower, that tower will be considered to have no cubes placed in it.

Q: How tall is [field element X]?
A: Appendix A contains detailed, dimensioned drawings of all the field elements.

Q: How much does a cube weigh?
A: A single cube weighs 285 grams or 0.63 lbs.

Q: How far can my robot expand?
A: Your robot must begin each match within an 18” cube as usual. However, robot expansion during the match is unlimited.

Q: So I can build a wallbot?
A: Yes, you can build a wallbot. However, per <G12>, you assume the risk of damage to your robot during play if you do this.

Q: Can I contact my opponent’s protected zone?
A; You are not prohibited from contacting your opponent’s Outer Protected Zone. However, you may not contact an opponent robot which is fully within it’s Protected Zone, per <SG3>. Additionally, <SG3> calls for an automatic disqualification if you contact your opponent’s Inner Protected Zone (the field tile in the corner of their zone).

Q: What is the maximum possible score?
A: The max score is 202 points. Note that there is currently a bug in the VRC Hub Android app that prevents this maximum score from being properly calculated. The iOS app does calculate the score correctly.

Q: I have read this entire post and still have a question. What should I do?
A: You should follow the following steps:

  1. Read the game manual, as well as any appendices relevant to your question.
  2. Read the game manual, as well as any appendices relevant to your question.
  3. Perform a search of the game manual for terms relevant to your question. This can be done by pressing Ctrl-f or command-f, or by performing a search in the VRC Hub mobile app.
  4. Search the official Q&A and forum for terms relevant to your question.

Most questions will be answered by completing steps 1-4. If after completing these steps you still have a question, do the following:

  1. Decide whether you want to ask your question on the forum or the official Q&A. Forum threads get replied to more quickly and result in more discussion, but the official Q&A (where only registered teams and EPs can post questions) is the only source of official, binding rules interpretations. Often, preliminary discussions on the forum lead to official Q&A questions for final rulings.

  2. Write out your question as completely and thoroughly as possible. Make sure to quote any rules you’re referencing, draw diagrams to illustrate your question, etc. You might find that you answered your own question just by trying to ask it.

If after doing all the above you still have a question, then please feel free to ask it!


No where in the game reveal, game manual, or appendix A specifies the weight of a Cube, so that being said, what is the weight of a Cube?


nobody knows for sure, but it’s been assumed .2-.3lb or the weight of an ITZ cone.

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yeah i was thinking somewhere between a cone or two cones

I am not sure the actual weight, but they are very light maybe like 1-1 1/2 pounds maybe. I have held them just never thought to weigh them.

Answered more thoroughly in this thread: Tower Takeover Cube Weight - #12 by nnolte

Appears to be about 250 grams or .55 lbs.

How tall are the towers?

The small post is 18.83 inches tall. The medium post is 24.66 inches tall. And the tallest one is 37.91 inches tall. Assuming that you want to get the top post, you will need a lift at least 41 inches tall.

details like these are found in appendix A: https://link.vex.com/docs/vrc-tower-takeover/AppendixA


What’s the max points you can score?

As far as I can tell 202

202 in matches
470 in skills I believe.

Explain? I used the VRC Hub app, and only got to 144.

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I saw people mentioning that they couldn’t get 202 on android so I did the math here

Max Match Score

Are you able to shoot a cube into the enemy goal at the start of auton, you aren’t descoring their cubes

You cannot interfere with the other teams auton - full stop. Your robot isn’t allowed to and you can’t use cubes to do anything your robot isn’t allowed to.



Is there a maximum amount of tape that you can use? just wondering.

Since no rule establishes a maximum amount of tape that can be used, you can use as much tape as you want. However, per <R10>, the purposes for which you use tape are restricted:

Other allowed uses of tape are described in <R7f> and <R21a> (emphasis mine):

<R28> also mentions tape, but only to describe the function of covering the back of ‘inactive’ license plates as also allowed in <R10>.