VRC & VIQC 2022 - 2023 Game Kit Pre-Orders: Now Available!

The title says it all. Game Kits for the 2022 - 2023 VRC & VIQC Games are now available for pre-order from the VEX Robotics Website.

Game Element Kit - https://vexrobotics.com/276-7501.html
Field Elements - https://vexrobotics.com/22-23-field-elements.html
Scoring Element Kit - https://vexrobotics.com/276-7504.html
Full Field Kit - https://vexrobotics.com/276-7500.html

Full Field Kit - https://vexrobotics.com/228-7506.html
Scoring Element Kit - https://vexrobotics.com/228-7509.html

These kits will not ship until after the 2022 VEX Robotics World Championship.

Also note that pre-ordering one of these kits, you are agreeing to our Pre-Order Terms & Conditions.

Let the speculation begin. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Time to start calculating how the shipping costs correlate to what the games is :smiley:


Why is it $5?20char11


Does this mean balls are back?:eyes:


so $90ish more than Change Up (in CAD). I predict Change Up 2.0, now with two more goals (but minus 4 balls).


because it’s unknown if any object similar to the goals this year have been place in the field element kit vs the game element kit, any predictions here won’t be especially accurate.

the field element kit 1, which were platforms this year, is slightly more expensive, but it’s hard to say if that expense is due to a single complex element like the platforms, or if it contains a greater number of less complex elements, like scoring goals or something. all we know is that the manufacturing price is more or less the same as the platforms.

The field element kit 2, which were goals for this game, costs significantly less. But it’s hard to say where vex distinguishes “game elements” from “field elements”, considering that goals were classified as “field elements” this year, while rings fell under “game elements”. perhaps this suggests that there are again multiple types of game peices to score with, but it could also be that there are multiple types of field elements that were split between these two kits. impossible to say really.

As for the game element kit, it’s roughly 3 times the price that all the rings were this year, so it’s safe to say that they will be either larger, more complex, or more plentiful.

not too much information to juice from this, less so than last year even, and I don’t think we got very much right about it that time either.


Well, not from the pre orders thread. But we were almost scarily accurate in the predictions thread.