VRC & VIQC 2023 - 2024 Game Kit Pre-Orders: Now Available!

Game Kits for the 2023 - 2024 VRC & VIQC Games are now available for pre-order from the VEX Robotics Website. (US only, for now)

VRC - https://www.vexrobotics.com/276-8354.html
VIQC - https://www.vexrobotics.com/228-8360.html

These kits will not ship until after the 2023 VEX Robotics World Championship.

Also note that pre-ordering one of these kits, you are agreeing to our Pre-Order Terms & Conditions.

Let the countdown to the game unveils begin!


Any chance we can pick these up while in Texas and save $80 in shipping? I ordered some but didn’t choose the pick up option because I don’t know if they are ready.

No. VRC Game Kits will not be available for pickup at VEX Worlds.


The pre-order doesn’t seem to be available for the Canadian version of the store. Any idea when that will be available for us?


Shooting to have the international orders up within the next week or two.


This is very cool! 10/10 would recommend!

Can you let us know how many liters (litres) of water we need to stock for each field? (international lead time for water might be longer than for US).



Can you recommend a good place to load up propane? I heard its gonna be a fire game more than water


8.34 lbs in a gallon :smirk:


Fresh water or salt?

Fresh is 8.34 pounds per US gallon.

Salt is closer to 8.68.


IF you could seal all of the leaks (good luck) and IF you could keep the walls from collapsing (you probably can’t), you would need about 8,000 pounds of water to fill the field to the brim…


For VIQC pickup, is it just selecting the ‘Pickup’ option for shipping, and then visiting the booth/room like last year?

Ooo neat. 3 Main field elements and 2 field kits. Probably two color elements and 3 big elements. coolio


Awesome, got my preorder. Is there an estimate on the shipping time?

What about VEX IQ Game Kits?

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I’ll guess no delivery on them either. While smaller, easier to manage, it’s still a pain to wrangle them to Worlds.

Maybe VEX will post a date for local pickup in Greenville, it’s a short drive from Dallas and I can recommend BBQ on that route. (Hey first thing I did when I was at VEX was ask “Where is the best BBQ?”, and after the fight, I got three recommendations to eat at :roll_eyes: )

Two key notes:

  • Love the Logo on the kits with past game elements, nice graphics.
  • Amused by a east coast Yankee recommending BBQ in Texas. But got to tell you, Buc-ee’s pulled pork sandwich would be on the list. Look left Wawa, the little beaver is coming for your lunch crowd.

Last year, we pre-ordered with regular shipping options. Then later after the pre-order announcement, the kits were available for pickup at Worlds as a separate transaction.

No complaints, hoped to plan appropriately this year. I’d be willing to do a pickup from Greenville, if that works for them logistically as well.

BBQ in Greenville. The 2018 or 2019 (can’t remember which) EP Summit had a great BBQ caterer. That was amazing.


Maybe I should contact one of our REC reps, but…

Does anyone know when the game kits will be available on the robotevents.com product page for event partners? Since we’ve been hosting a tournament, we’ve always gotten our kit in the fall through a local non-profit that helps run tournaments in our area. This year, we may want to purchase an additional set and getting it earlier would be beneficial.

(Will we have to wait until our January tournament is approved?)

Generally, it happens when discounts for season are determined and the EP posts events. Typically, we pre-order a game set or two as we are primarily using them for teams in our district. Once we have season calendar set, we order more for events that happen during fall.

Your January event should be approved way before January :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. VEX recently expanded into our area when a teacher that worked with it applied for a grant and then started a non-profit that really pushed VEX. His organization now travels from school to school helping us host events and states (around 20 IQ and VRC combined this year). They bring all the equipment and run the technical end. Our fields get added in as practice fields.

Sadly, probably not until November. We can never get a definite date on scheduling our gym until after athletics is positive they won’t need it.