VRC Worlds 2012

Look at the screenshot of the vex website I just got.


The image is a broken link, but the text below reads “The VEX Robotics World Championship is heading west”

So what city are we looking at for next year?
San Francisco?
Back to Dallas?

I am thinking Disneyland, because why would Vex and Disney part? They might just switch back and forth to make travel expenses fairer.

Personally I would LOVE to see VEX move the world championships around more like this year! I think that issues with booking the convention center in Dallas was just what VEX needed to get them started! A world championship should show the teams different places in the world by moving around more frequently. And at the same time VEX is giving students a GREAT oppertunity to go places that many students would never be able to if it wasn’t for the VRC World Championships.

I hope you are right and it is moving west to California? :slight_smile:

I can tell you with 100% certainty that you will know by Friday, April 15. :slight_smile:

Can you atleast tell us if it will be back in dallas or not?

The site is back to normal now, but it is too late - I already took the screenshot :smiley:

Please do post!? =)

I’m gonna guess Disneyland, too. My Dad claims he knows, but that he had promised not to tell me. :stuck_out_tongue: Guess we’ll find out next Friday, as well as finding out what game we’ll be playing. :smiley:


Disneyland would make a lot of sense for 2012 as Disney is set to finish their 1.1 billion dollar expansion of Disney’s California Adventure. Right now they have Goofy’s Sky School and The Little Mermaid attractions opening in about a month. Then in spring 2012, the brand new Cars land is going to be opening.

If you couldn’t already tell, I am a theme park geek in addition to a roboteer. Ill be in EPCOT Friday night after the competition, so catch me if you can… (you won’t be able to…):smiley:

I guess Vex was kind of lucky they didn’t spill the beans on the new game, or do you think that was what the second tile (who’s text was a repeat of the registration prompt), will have a picture of when it is eventually released?

And Ryan - I am really glad I will be with you at Disney, because we both know that you can talk the talk, but I am ready to see you walk the walk:p

Yes, Wes, but the real question is, after a whole day of VRC will you have the stamina to follow me around Disney at breakneck speeds?:smiley:

its true he does have quite the stamina when walking the park…

Ok, I fixed the Image. I think it only displayed to me because it was stored on my Google Docs account.

Please tell me its in California.

I call shenanigans!!!

I would give you about a 75% chance of it being in California, which is approximately 2,222 miles from where I live, so I too call shenanigans!!!

If it’s in California next year I know my team will be sooo happy! We’ll either be able to either go if we qualify or at least go watch. I can’t wait to find out either way. The anticipation is half the fun! haha :smiley:

Well echoing Rick’s response above, we’ll know in under a week.

After a quick look around Disneyland in Google Earth, the Anaheim convention center could definitely be a venue for the 2012 VRC Worlds. It has lots of space and an arena similar to that in Dallas. Any thoughts?

After more comparison with the space available at ESPN Wide World of Sports, there would definitely be much more space in Anaheim. To me, it would make a lot of sense to host it in Anaheim.

OMG if it is in disneyland, it is only 30 minutes away from my school!!!