VRC Worlds Open Division?

I saw that Dan posted an IQ open division at worlds for those who lost at states. Do anyone know if they are doing the same for VRC? My team recently lost at our state championship mostly because of our alliance partners but some of the blame could go to the coaches. We only registered for 3 tournaments this whole season and other teams competed in 6+. Having a open division this year could give us another shot this year.
We went to Worlds every year since 2017 with the exception of last year as we hardly even met.

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I am pretty sure that there os also an open division for vrc


Add more slots per region and invite teams based on skills.

Open Division does not make sense for High School


The disadvantage of this is then the competition gets watered down. Teams are already getting in from some regions with score in the 160s. We don’t need to drop it to the 140s. Having an open division means the teams with scores in the 140s can still compete without watering down the competition.


I also think that it gives teams who got a late start from covid or just wee unable to qualify because of unfortunate circumstances to compete at Worlds and still get a shot at the world championship.


Now as someone with not the greatest skills score this might be an ez steal to advance much farther into the comp. I intend to try to get a better score ofc but as of right now not really doing the best. I wonder if this could be considered and exploit to some degree.

I don’t really think it waters down the competition. You’ll see high level teams everywhere and if you want to stop competing against 140s teams all you have to do is get farther in the elims

This is an poor statement when talking about the world championship for this competition. Teams should be expecting good competition from all the teams they come across, and not just in the elimination rounds. While I do know that teams with a skills score of 140 can still be competitive but have a low skills score for some reason, the truth of the matter is they didn’t qualify and shouldn’t be allowed into the highly competitive championship. The idea of an open division is very good, as it allows for said teams to still compete but also allow the teams that beat the requirement to get in to have competitive gameplay. Overall it is just better for everyone if the competition isn’t “watered down.”

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I’m of two minds of this. First, Worlds currently lists the capacity as 800 teams. I believe roughly 7400 teams have competed in match play this year, so you’re talking about roughly the “top 10%”. Of those 800 slots, many will go to teams who won judged awards at Regionals, or who had high skills scores in their Region over the course of the season. Many of these teams will likely be competitive in match-play, though it is also possible some will be skills-focused or robots with unique designs that impressed judges.

I do think that watching competitive matches - those where teams have a roughly 50-50 shot at winning are far more exciting to watch than blow-outs. I think, perhaps, that while competitors will say they want 50-50 matchups, I think they really want at least a few favorable blow-outs and not to be on the receiving end of a blowout.

I think it’s also important to realize that from RECF’s perspective, Worlds is about celebrating and encouraging teams. RECF’s vision of Worlds is not to find the “best” robot, though clearly the tournament format creates “Division/Tournament Champions”

I recall talk about the “Swiss-System” Tournament format ( Swiss-system tournament - Wikipedia ). I don’t know enough about it, but I could see Worlds using something other than the existing randomized Qualification round format (presumably 8 divisions of 100 teams this year), perhaps pre-seeding teams based on those who qualified via “match-play performance” and those who qualified via skills or judged awards. Still, I don’t know that I like making that distinction, either.