VRC Worlds Prep

Out of curiosity what is everyone up to as prep before worlds? Any major changes? Or just sitting back relaxing and enjoying the time off school?

Yeah, relaxing. You’re funny.

We’re doing driving practice 3-4 hours a day. We put two robots on the field, and just go for it. The drivers and coach need a universal language, and the more they practice the better they get, both at communication and at the driving itself.

I had to take the IMEs and any reference to them out of our insane number of Autonomous routines because we decided on Wednesday that we weren’t willing to risk an incident. Even with the Static Spray, our drive team didn’t feel comfortable using them. So, that was 6 hours over the last two days on top of the time they spent driving. I’m finished now, but that was at lease a bit frustrating because those HAVE to be done ahead of time, and I can’t very well program exactly what we want in the hotel room on Wednesday night.

The rest of the team is busy watching every match they can find and looking for any cool robots in Forum Reveals that we missed or changed during the season. We don’t want to be surprised at Worlds. We’re fixing our Scouting App so that it does exactly what we want it to, and trying to get it to share pictures we add of robots across devices to make it even better.

Oh, and we decided to build an intake robot for practice with speed-construction on Friday. After an entire season watching people use and dominate with them, a few of us decided it would make a challenging pet project. It’s not going to Words or anything, we’re just making it to play against the robot that IS going to be there.

We drive out Wednesday morning. We’re doing our robot reveal then, so we’re fine-tuning the language and choosing the pictures we want to use. Keep an eye out, we’ve got something really cool to show everyone. We’re also busy prepping for the interviews with the judges. Who should say what and when they should say it is very important, and we think we have a real shot at winning the Innovate Award. That’s the main thing we’re prepping for.

So, yeah. Not relaxing. There’s always a lot to do. I guess if you don’t have your robot because you shipped it to Anaheim you might be off the clock, but we’re going to keep on rolling right up until we leave campus.

EDIT: I realized that I sounded stressed and slightly rude. It’s crazy fun doing all of this, just a little bit overwhelming. These last two weeks have been crazy.

Relaxing how!?

I did that the past 3 days because I came down with bronchitis of all things! Now I have a ton to do! I need to replace my 4 drive motors, replace a bunch of keps nuts with nylocks, locktite all the standoffs, grind my intake plates, make autonomous modes, and get at least 15 hours of driving in.

Its a ton of stuff to do!
Good thing our flight doesn’t leave until Wednesday afternoon

I will be honest, i wish i were relaxing, but its not to be. We have decided to continue programming and increasing ease of driving, but we are trying to do as little driving as possible to not risk breaking any of our gears or non replacable parts this week.

I agree there is much to do, we fly out at 7 AM Wednesday Morning so we have almost no time left!

I would say driving as much as possible is better because then you can see what might break first and how to repair it fast. Practicing driving helps during the competition too.

Dude, break EVERYTHING before you get to Worlds. Run your motors until they burn out. Snap your gears and axles. If a metal support is going to collapse, better it happen at home than during an important match.

Oh, and put Nylocks on everything. It just helps a robot stay together.

Oh yes that would be a great idea, except we have changed everything over the past week becasue it DID break, so we dont want to go through the process again, plus my team and i are all getting slammed by the teachers before we leave :stuck_out_tongue: belive me nylon bolts have been our best freinds over the years at worlds. Saves time and the robot.

We did a 75% rebuild. Relaxing is a joke :stuck_out_tongue:

So I guess we must be the only ones relaxing? :smiley:

Na, relaxing only for one day. Tomorrow we’re off to six flags with 2900 and 2915.


SIX FLAGS!!! Dude we still have school through wednesday must be nice.

Loool relaxing is for the weak. We rebuilt 90% of the robot because of a center gravity issue in 9 hours on friday. Now it is practice time with a scrimmage with other Worlds-bound teams.

We won’t relax until the 21st. We leave in the morning and still have a bunch of things to fix before we even finish packing.

10-hour meeting yesterday and an 8-hour meeting the day before to work on all orders of things. At least the robot works well now.

We productively spent our day today free falling from a disproportionately tall tower 5 times.

My whole team is flying out at different times so I decided to take a few days off in Santa Monica before competition. Sittin on the beach is ways nice before all the stress of the competition. That doesn’t mean I’m not preparing, I’m acctually making presentation material and planning out each step of the day that I can while waiting patiently for more info from te robot events page and the forum.