VRCC - College Conference Challenge

I am starting this college & university thread in hopes that collectively we can cause at least one college athletic conference in the US to start a VEX team in each member school. Personally I am going to work to find a way to get the BIG 10 off the ground first and I challenge others to organize any other conference (PAC 12, ACC, BIG EAST, etc) as a way to develop a strong college level program.

I am selecting the BIG 10 for two key reasons, proximity to my location and the fact that the VRCC already has 3 BIG 10 participants in Michigan State, Purdue and Univ. of Illinois, that means 9 teams need to be formed at the remaining conference members. I am trying to identify a corporate sponsor or two that might want to help get this off the ground.

So if you attend any of the other BIG 10 campuses, I want to hear from you. If you know someone at one of these, please alert them to this thread and have them contact me. Let’s see what kind of an impact we can all make. If some other conference out there can beat me to this, I will be humbled but happy to see it. I will also take that person out o a fine dinner if I ever get to meet them at the World Championship!

I personally am still in high school. However, I know someone who goes to UNL who had a team in Round Up but not Gateway. I have been trying to convince him about maybe starting again. I’ll tell him to contact you if he’s interested.:slight_smile: