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We have 2 coders on our team and we want to work together at the same time. We heard that VS code lets you collaborate real time and we figured out how to do that using Live Share.

However, we don’t know how it’s supposed to work and don’t know how to add stuff like main. We have our main code on V5pro and we want to copy and paste it into VScode but we don’t what parts of it will go where. Any videos/help would be appreciated or any other way to collaborate together real time.

V5 VS Code New Project
Take a look at that link for importing projects from v5pro into the vscode extension. Feel free to ask any more questions that come up.

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Thanks for that tip, however, when I put in all the code, a lot of errors showed up and I have no idea what they mean. Here are some bugs:

From prior experience, that error usually comes when the folder is opened wrong. Make sure you are opening the immediate parent folder of your project. In your case you would need to use the vscode open folder button and open the folder OFFICIALPROJECT. Judging by the select folder warning in the bottom right corner I’m guessing you opened a file instead of a folder. Here’s a video VSCode How To Open a Folder you don’t need anything past the 30 second mark.

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I tried that and I think I got it. Here’s a screen shot of the bottom of my screen

But when I try to debug it, it shows this error
Screen Shot 2023-09-20 at 11.21.44 AM

And sometimes it shows this:
Screen Shot 2023-09-20 at 11.29.13 AM

Then, when i select debug anyway, it shows other errors:

‘vex.h’ file not found


‘stdio.h’ file not found

Debug is not available for VEX projects.

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As jpearman said, debug is not available for vex projects. You can find and fix your errors by looking at the problems tab. You are inside a valid vex project as the extension has activated as evidenced by the vex buttons appearing on the bottom bar. You can click this button to build the button and it will turn into a download button when a vex device is connected

Thank you guys for the help for far. Hopefully, the last problem. After pressing the icon to make it move, it shows this error and doesn’t let us download.

motorOdometry = (((RightMotorBack.rotation(rev) * 6.126) + (LeftMotorBack.rotation(rev) * 6.126)) / 2);

It shows an error and red lines under the words rotation

and it tells you class vex::motor has no member "rotation", which is exactly what the issue is.

That was removed from the motor API over a year ago.