VSCode not updating

When I upload the code from VSCode to the brain, it uploads successfully and the PROS icon appears in the first slot. When I run the code though, it doesn’t change anything in the code. I tried changing the motor speed when I press a button and the motor still spins at the same speed. Does anyone know a fix for this?

Firstly, are you building the project before uploading? If so, are there any errors? You can see them by opening the integrated terminal and typing pros make.

Secondly, are there any errors during upload? You can see the errors by opening the integrated terminal and typing pros upload.


Are you changing the code in VSCode to change the speed it spins at, or are you pressing a button on the controller to change the speed? If the first one, see what BennyBoy said above. If the second one, then you can send us your code so we can help debug it with you. Remember to put ``` around your code like this:

// Put your code here
so it shows up like this:

// Put your code here

Yes I am building before uploading. And no I didn’t see any errors

Ok I’ll do that when I have my code but yeah I’m chsnging the speed that the motor spins at. I’m not changing the speed with a button input