i dont know if any of you heard of the shooting that killed 31 students and faculty at Virginia Tech today but… i would just like us all keep those effected by this in our thoughts…

also, FRC team 401 Hokie Gaurd from VT is ok…


This is the kind of topic that would go in the “Chit-Chat” section.

But yes, it is very tragic. And the final death toll was 33, not 31. It’s a shame how the warnings never really got out in time. According to what I read, most people didn’t get them until well after the first shooting. It’s also amazing how the shooter managed to go two hours and a half mile without getting caught.

i heard that too, that is really tragic. does anybody know how old the shooter was?

I don’t know how old he was, but the police claim that he was a Chinese Nationalist. And maybe you are too young to know it yet or you just haven’t studied it yet, but Nationalist’s were basically the Nazi party in China during WWII.

The shooter was a 23 year old Korean student. He wasn’t a nationalist or anything, just a disturbed student at the school. Teachers said plays he wrote were extremely graphic and frightening, and had issues against woman and rich kids. He was also taking depression medicine, which may have contributed.

They’re always on meds…

How about the package he sent NBC in the 2 hour window? It was full of notes, videos, and digital pictures of him with guns ad stuff like that. This guy was really messed up.:mad: