Vulnerability of sprocket+rubberband intakes

Hey. My team is brand new this year and like other teams, does not have links on flex wheels, pneumatics, etc.
So I was looking into stretched rubberband +sprocket intakes. What is to stop another robot from crashing the corner of their bot into the exposed rubber bands, cutting them. Anything? Or would that count as a malicious intent. Even if it does count as malicious intent, would it be worth the risk of it still happening? I attached a photo of the intake (mentorbuilt)

I think you will find that most vex people are very nice, especially to new teams. Further, I do not think that crashing into a rubber band intake will ruin it entirely. Maybe one rubber band would break, but probably no more than that. If you are really worried about your intake, consider a chain intake. We used one for a while, and if you make it right, it can be very effective. But seriously, this is not battlebots. No-one is going to purposefully try to kill your intake.

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There is no rule against crashing into another robot and their i take getting damaged. It would be your fault for desighning the robot that way. But to prevent this you could put a sort of cage on the front of your robot so that robots cant get to your intake but disc can still slide under. Another alternative is you can use sprockets with tank treads on them and then wrap the treqds with rubber bands baisically making your own diy flex wheel. Look at 100a robot for this year on youtube they use this strategy and it works well and dont have to worry about rubber bands getting cut

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The other risk is the rubber bands getting tangled on other robots. But these style of intakes have been used in many other games with success.