<VUR12> Clarification

Hey everyone, I just wanted to get some clarification on .

I’m using a Raspberry Pi for serial communication between the Pi and the V5 Brain, as additional electronics are permitted by . My only concern is that the rule also clarified that only 1 additional battery can be used to power additional electronics.

I bought a UPS for my Pi, but it accepts 2 18650 cells.

I assume that this would be permissible since the rule states that an additional battery pack may be used, and is in place to prohibit having multiple batteries powering multiple electronics. That being said, I just wanted to get some clarification. Thank you!

Sorry, I put VUR12 in angle brackets at some points. If there’s a space before a period, that’s where “VUR12” is supposed to go.

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You’re free to ask on the Q&A for official clarification, but as an inspector (as would most inspectors I think) I would call that one battery, and thus legal.


Technically, an 18650 is a cell, not a battery. I would argue that you have made “a battery” using 2 cells…

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You can use angle brackets, but you have to ‘escape’ them (common in many programming languages).

The trick is to precede each bracket with a “\” character. For example: “\<VUR12\>” will be interpreted as “<VUR12>”.