w00t! yay for school and autodesk inventor

my tech ed teacher just gave me the link to sign up for my schools inventor community, now i can model all i want!

expect some model uploads.

also, does anyone know if the school gives you the student version is it just a 30 day trial or as long as the school subscribes? thanks!

i convinced by principal to do this for me, its as long as the school subscribes

you get all sorts of stuff, revit, inventor, autocad, autocad electrical, the list goes on

the file downloads to 49%, crashes, i reboots it and it goes from 50-100, then it starts unzippping, at 39% it reaches an error, i restart it, it says that these files couldn’t be transferd.

i’ve been through this process twice! :frowning:

yea some of the stuff i can’t install either, i believe it’s just due to my computer (ugh vista is my guess)

try the legacy versions

i is jealous of of you guys. I’ve got Autocad and Sketchup, but that’s it.

A guy walks into a computer store. He is a computer genius, and can beat any strategy and puzzle game in a snap. After clearing most of the games around, he asks the manager for some really challenging game suggestions for his laptop. “I want to have amazing graphics, yet very hard to solve. Even if it is the hardest puzzle game, I still want it to be flashy and with great eye candy.”

The store manager replies, “Oh yes, I have just the thing. Have you tried Windows Vista?”

ROTFL!!! :smiley: ill stick with bejeweled thank ya very much :smiley:

lol i hope solidworks student copy works on Vista

I just Love This!!! :smiley:

heh actually i get two for one, bejewled needs vista