Wait for 84 HS gear or change design? ...

Okay. So basically we have seen how 84 tooth HS gear revolutionized the way people build double reverse or scissor lifts. That little extra cavity can save a lot of space concerning screw and popper heads. Currently we designed the robot using high strength 84 tooth gear, but the product is still out of stock… VEX replied a few days ago that they expect the product to get back in stock in a few weeks. We have a tournament in three weeks. So would you suggest…

We redesign the robot using 1:5*3:5? we have all other hs gears.
We build the robot temporarily with regular 84 tooth gear? The teeth might pop because of our design (4 thin pieces of gears handling the weight of the entire upper arm, intake, and three cubes)
We build everything else but the parts involving gears and wait?

I know that there is already an official thread asking about parts out of stock, so I might post an unofficial one asking your opinions. In my opinion, 84 hs gear and turbo are two most significant new products this year. I bet VEX is extremely pissed off now because they know so many people are craving fro the gears and they can’t earn the money…

I don’t understand what your problem is. The high strength gears have not revolutionized anything. They’ve just made it easier because now we don’t have to double up 84 tooth gears. Why can’t you just double up the old 84 tooth gears like everyone used to do?

Agreed. If you cut the short nub that juts out of one side of the regular 84-tooth gear, it becomes super easy to bolt 2 of such gears together to form a high-strength gear.

I agree with doubling the regular 84 tooth gears and sawing or cutting the short nub off. I would also suggest putting one of the metal lock plates between on next to the gears. it will add a little thickness, but infinitely more support.

Our design saves space significantly by using the cavity inside HS gear. The gear basically touches the face of the gear tower, and only the cavity of the new gear allows us to squeeze in popper heads so we can use bearings. With the old one, we have to do a lot of grinding to make that happen.

I would Say to do this, but add the lock plate held in place with 2 screws if possible. I have seldom cracked teeth on the 84 tooth gears, even when pulling 350 lb. I however have cracked the axle hole.

I think the new 84 tooth gears are more of a convenience than a necessity. If you cut off the extra nubs where the axle goes through then it should be the same thickness as the new gears. It shouldn’t be too hard to work around the extra thickness of one screw head without grinding anything.

although they do allow you to use HS axles that also came out this year. they lock onto the axle with less slop too.

Thanks for the reply. We doubled up original thin gearing and so far no teeth broke. I hardly use thin axle for large amounts of torque application unless I am compelled to use compound gearing. I screw the gear directly to the arm so so far so good.

But still, the ring of holes that the HS gear has allows you to put standoffs in them and easily create relatively uniform tension rubber band assist, like what robosavage is doing.

Do not wait for Vex and still use the 84 tooth gears. Buy them from a distributor.

Robotmesh is great.


They have 57 in stock right now. If your total order is $70 you get free shipping.

Let Sam know Barry in Indy referred you. You will love these guys.