Wait function in MPLAB

Hi guys,

I was wondering, how do you assign timings to things in autonomous mode. For example, say go forward 2 seconds and then turn. Do any of you know how to do it?

You would first turn the motors on then insert the wait function and set it for 2 seconds. Then to turn reverse the direction of one of the motors then insert another wait for how long you want it to turn for.

Ok, but how do you implement the wait function in MPLAB?

My bad I’m sorry I confused mplab with the easyc thats comes with the vex programming kit. So I"m sorry I guess my answer probably didn’t help at all.

For starters, look at the delays.h file in the MPLAB project. The Project File ifi_utilities.c “calls” some of the Delay Functions.

I can give some more detailed examples later…