Wait List Invites - 3 Questions

When will VEX start the process of inviting teams off of the waiting list - specifically middle school teams? Will VEX look at a team’s performance before offering them an invite from the wait list, or do they go to whoever signed up on the list first? Will those spots only go to teams in the states that still have some of their allotted spots left?


I just realized that I skipped over your post. Here are 3 answers for you.

  1. WC allocation spots have nothing to do with the WC wait list.

  2. If there is space to accept new teams for the World Championship, we will start the process of going to the wait list next week.

  3. Teams will be pulled from the wait list based on their location on the wait list and their grade level (MS, HS, College).

I hope this information helps.

Thank you for the answers. How come registration for the Middle School Worlds is closed if only 148 of the 160 spots are taken? Why aren’t those extra spaces being offered to the wait list? (One of the teams I mentor is on the wait list but was never contacted.)


What team are you with affiliated with? I would like to check the wait list and see where you are but I don’t have a team number for you.