Wait() vs task::sleep

I was wondering what the use of the wait function in vexcode. Does it provide any advantages/disadvantages over task::sleep or does it have the same functionality?

Probably there for comparability reasons with older code that wasn’t namespaced? IDK, James will know for sure.

same functionality, it’s a macro that was added to make the transition from blocks to text easier.


Hi code you explain to me what a Marco is and does. I never really knew what it meant.

In this context, a macro is a small reusable piece of code that is handled by the preprocessor. Don’t over use them.



preprocessor = thing that parses your code prior to it being compiled, often doing text replacement.

I think James is saying that a macro takes the Wait() and translates it to task::sleep. The why is what I mentioned and James further clarified, for easier code translation. It is often necessary to have APIs that do the same thing but have different names / formats for reasons like this.