waitUntil C++

Is there an equivalent to the


function in VCS C++?

I mean you could do:

while(sensor < targetvalue);

Or if you want a simple wait amt of time you can do:


Darn it, I really liked the waitUntil command. Thanks though.

You could always make a function called waitUntil and have a while in it.

waitUntil(SensorValue > 100);
is equivalent to:
while(SensorValue < 100);

I got used to it pretty quick going from RobotC to VCS. It’s just looks different, it has the same function.

#define waitUntil(CONDITION) while(!(CONDITION))

Should work. I would recommend just getting used to writing


's, though, as you can do things like:

while(!(condition)) {

The explicit call to a yielding method like sleep will help keep your program switching threads smoothly and not lock up on a check that won’t change for a good long while.