walker poll

how many of you have or have tried making a walker?

I havnt tried to make one yet.:slight_smile:

p.s. i think this thread is in the wrong place

0h sorry im new here, where should i put it?

general forum but its ok i did that my first time;)

ok its moved to the forum section

It would be realy coool to build a walker:eek: … I still haven’t though…:smiley: :slight_smile:

heres mine. more like a spider though


build a biped they look more like walkers

Um… has anyone here acctually succesfully built a walker?
P.S.:ducttape477 not to insult but spiders have 8 legs…yours is more like a insect. Looks awesome though!!!:wink:

I’ve made one, I posted it on here before:

Someone with way more parts than me could probably build a very large one with two multiple-jointed legs. That I’d like to see!