walker with "stinger"

here is my second walker. it worked out great. it falls over once in a while on uneven surfaces. this one has a stinger. it really does sting the skin a little too when u get hit.



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Well, that is about the coolest thing I have seen all day! Very ingenious and very entertaining to watch in action! The leg design is not complicated, yet I don’t think I have seen this done with VEX until now. Good job!

terrific i’m impressed not only are your robots unorthodox they are an inspiration to a rookie like me:cool:

the video is cool, and a nice design! good luck on your next bot :stuck_out_tongue:

nice bot thats awsome the stinger cool :smiley:

Wow! That Hex Crawler Bot is coool!!!

Sweetness… what did you make the sting out of??? nice ducttape with the battery

the sting is made out of erector parts, u could probably use vex tho, if u cut it down. it is controlled by a servo, not a motor. just put them together like this…


thats so cool

ya thats awsome:D

that is really awesome,the stinger moves so fast you can barely see it!

thanks to all you. hopefully ill get my camera working again so i can show you my newest walker and other robots.